Saturday, 24 September 2011


Continuing from my previous work Unbalanced/Cut/Balanced.

This work is an investigation into the physicality of materials, of weight, of balance and of my experience with these physical forces.  The physical aspect of the work is important to my practice and me because I feel that direct physical interaction or experience brings about a more truthful understanding of the specifics involved in a certain situation.  Opposed to and understanding developed and restricted by mind.

I have engineered a sculpture/situation, which allows me to experience these forces.  The sculpture is a V-shape structure, which pivots on a central point made from concrete. 
The structure is informed by my previous work Unbalanced/Cut/Balanced this was a similar structure, with only one side of the V set into a concrete base.  Unbalanced/Cut/Balanced was created very quickly; because of this immediacy the work was not structurally sound.  This new work was more considered so that it might last more than a week. 

This work expands on the idea of conversation.  The work responds to prompts, which I initiate (cutting/shift in weight) due to the shift in weight the work pivots and finds a new balance point.
I think of this process in relation to the structure of conversations so that I might realise parallels in other processes, such as the barriers, which reflect similarities in their physical forms and also the process involved…

1Initial interaction or prompt/ 2car approaches/ 3cutting wood.

1Response/                             2Barrier lifts/       3sculpture shifts balance point.

By introducing the parallels between these different systems and exposing my work to an everyday/well-known mechanism (the barriers) I hope to broaden the possibility of people understanding the work. 

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